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Chun-Liang Chen, PhD Chun-Liang  ChenPh.D.

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Research Program

I am currently utilizing single-cell omic approaches to study tumor heterogeneity and cancerous stem/progenitor, cancer-initiating cells (CIC) and circulating tumor cells (CTC) to discover biomarkers for cancer detection and therapeutic targets. In collaboration with clinical physicians, I have developed a clinical platform to collect blood samples from prostate cancer and breast cancer patients for ex vivo expansion of stem-like CTCs and single-cell omics research at UT Health San Antonio. The development of cancer starts with rare single initiating and stem cells. Single stem/progenitor, CICs, and CTCs are isolated using cell markers, size-based ScreenCell microfilters, micromanipulators, DEPArray and C1 system. Isolated single cells are subject to high throughput omics analysis including single-cell RNA-seq (SMART-seq2) and whole genome sequencing using Illumina HiSeq, Nanopore technology, DNA methylation detection and molecular profiling using qRT-PCR with BioMark HD system. This single cell approach will reveal driver tumorigenic mutations, transcriptional profiles and epigenetic modifications during the early tumorigenesis and advanced metastasis. The research of CTCs will open an important window to understanding the metastatic mechanism of cancer, and will facilitate high-throughput drug susceptibility screenings for precision personalized medicine.


Selected Publications

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