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Bioanalytics and Single-Cell Core provides standardized, high-quality services to support translational research, including pre-analytical biospecimen single cell processing and isolation procedures, as well as analytical technologies that deliver a systems-oriented perspective on the composition of a sample. Bulk sample platforms include Luminex bead arrays, high throughput pyrosequencing, and WES capillary Westerns. Services tailored for characterization of single cells include the following platforms: immunofluorescence micromanipulator manual single cell isolation, DEPArray automated single cell isolation, Biomark microfluidic PCR, and atomic force microscopy. Single-cell based informatics services are also available.


Funds for the BASiC Core were leveraged by a $3.3M core facility grant from the Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas (CPRIT) awarded to Dr. Tim Huang, Professor and Chairman, Department of Molecular Medicine, to advance research at the single cell level for the diagnosis and treatments of cancer. Dr. Huang, who also serves as Deputy Director of the Cancer Therapy and Research Center (CTRC), envisions a core that not only focuses on cancer projects but could also support researchers in areas of scientific investigation beyond cancer.


Dr. Nameer Kirma, Associate Professor Research, Department of Molecular Medicine, serves as the new director of the BASiC core. Core staff includes Deputy Director Chun-Liang Chen, Lab Manager Dr. Chiou-Miin Wang and Nicholas Lucio.

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Nameer Kirma
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